Our mission is to encourage women to take ownership of their health

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Our Vision

From the beginning we wanted to create a supplement to support women’s health, especially brain, mood, gut & skin.
One that combined beneficial minerals and vitamins plus potent plant extracts, all together into one easy-to-use daily drink.

From day one, our co-founder Emma Ellice Flint, has been focused on improving the lives of millions of women around the world. Emma is a degree-qualified Nutritionist who sees women like you in her clinic each week.

Building the foundation of women's health, one drink at a time.

Why HeraRise? We thought about what you are most likely to need, then combined the most effective vitamins, minerals and plant extracts altogether into a daily all-in-one drink.

We prioritise the use of high quality materials and manufacture in a TGA-Approved facility.

The TGA is the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia where HeraRise is manufactured. It regulates both drugs and supplements for their safety, quality and effectiveness.

The TGA is a tough governing body! And HeraRise had to go through this process to be approved for manufacture.


Identifying suitable supplements can be challenging.

With a myriad of ingredients available, and nutritional information becoming perplexingly complex, navigating through the supplement domain can turn into a skeptical and overwhelming task - a feeling we certainly experienced.

It's likely how you ended up here, with us.

Here at HeraRise, our objective is straightforward - to enable you to achieve your optimal, healthiest self. We understand that your journey is unique. Hence, we are here to attend to your needs, pay attention to the nuances like best time to take HeraRise, and value you as an individual especially responding to your feedback.

Towards your wellness,
Emma, Co-Founder HeraRise and Women's Health Nutritionist

We are dedicated to promoting a world that is healthier, starting with you

Through nourishing, we're committed to making women's world a healthier place

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This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease; Please seek out the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner.